Update from a previous post. This is good right? 🤞I’m about 3 weeks in.

Good to hear that you have the GERD under control, msw67, so can continue with the alendronate. Your CTx of 3 months ago is within acceptable limits, so there was no apparent rebound then - good news! It'll be interesting to hear what your oral surgeon says and whether he feels he can safely remove the unerupted wisdom teeth at this stage. 3. Color - I like the white color. At first I only replaced one bulb, and you could really see the color difference 4. Durable (hopefully). I've only had them a few weeks. Halogens all burned out quickly. Hope the predicted 30000 hours is right.

2022.01.18 06:40 abrewmc Update from a previous post. This is good right? 🤞I’m about 3 weeks in.

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2022.01.18 06:40 SerChaddington Outside LiPo charging/storage with no garage

Looking at getting into FPV flying, have some concerns about LiPo safety. Really not a fan of storing and charging inside my house (no garage) as it frightens the crap out of me!
I’ve got enough space in the garden to make a bunker of sorts, be it purpose brick built or using those plastic storage boxes with cinder blocks inside. The issue with this is that I live in Northern England so the temps in winter can drop (-3c today, not too often it’ll get any lower). From what I can tell this is a no-go, and even with insulation I can’t see it keeping the temps at a reasonable level.
Has anyone done anything similar or have any input on the issue?
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2022.01.18 06:40 Luckylooser Borde jag vara rädd?


Har ett bilgarage som jag delar med 3st andra bilar, min bil är i mitten av dom andra i garaget.
Denna lapp var upptejpad framför min bil idag.
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2022.01.18 06:40 Thin_Teach581 help

How can i get access to a test server to try out ships on eve echoes ?
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2022.01.18 06:40 vlassavah Turkish UAV overflights continue | eKathimerini.com

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2022.01.18 06:40 Academic_Homework_34 colorblind.ia

I want to have a trustful opinion about my nfts, could you check? Colorblind.ia is my user on OPENSEA
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2022.01.18 06:40 jrutd How was your first month of 2922?

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2022.01.18 06:40 menny_parmar My first nft Rate 0 to 10 below 👇🏻👇🏻Pikadragon pls 🥺

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2022.01.18 06:40 NewMeNewWorld Dixon, boAt form 50:50 JV to manufacture Bluetooth enabled audio devices

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2022.01.18 06:40 eatinggamer39 Is there any way to get one more new year's Gift bag? I have 5 and I really wanna get one more LF.

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2022.01.18 06:40 Vardrick Poor Gunner

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2022.01.18 06:40 DamRawr A chihuahua scared my dog during the morning walk. Right hand dead for 8 weeks.

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2022.01.18 06:40 PlentyMushroom More Money into DAW-Setup or Dawless Stuff?

I bought an Octatrack last Week and its really fun. Yesterday i finished my first little jam on it and to celebrate it, i heard through many of my old music. I recognized, that all songs i produced on external gear is kind of interessting, sometimes strong or funny, but never comes really close to the roundness of a daw-track. I feel like, buying equip (Moog Three Tier, Octatrack, Tanzbär, MegaFM ...) was more like midlife crisis thing haha. It makes fun but it shifted the focus away from the real shit.
Here are some examples for my daw stuff:

Outside Gear:
first octatrack song - https://soundcloud.com/bebelote/mondays moog three tier + tanzbär + megafm - https://soundcloud.com/in-meinem-garten/lastminutezummond2-mp3

Its hard to let the outside gear go, but it really is time consuming and i could spend the time on producing on the daw. Also i could spend the money (for example from the octatrack) on stuff like ableton push i owned in the past, or a bigger screen for pc. Any experience or advices?
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2022.01.18 06:40 EvanBlenkinsopp Trying to resurrect my old R4 before I buy a new flashcart. Seems like it isn’t being detected by the DS at all, any advice on if I can even fix it?

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2022.01.18 06:40 EvvYYvv Join the Horny Place Discord Server!

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2022.01.18 06:40 TopConcentrate9675 Si Blanquer n'avait pas eu le courage (l'outrecuidance pour Plenel et l'extrême gauche) d'être présent et de s'être exprimé lors du colloque anti-woke organisé à la Sorbone mi-décembre, les syndicats d'extrême gauche qui pourrissent l'EN depuis plus de 40 ans se seraient-ils autant acharnés sur lui?

Avec le prétexte de ce protocole télétravaillé aux Baĺėares ?
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2022.01.18 06:40 YomYeYonge ELI5- (exercise)What is cutting?

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2022.01.18 06:40 no_panic666 Nice legs

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2022.01.18 06:40 Maximum_Fearless Hmmm should I HOLD or HODL?

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2022.01.18 06:40 RichBreadfruit538 spiderman se špatně oblékl

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2022.01.18 06:40 Matts69 When tinyman comes back online, how do you think the Algo price will be impacted?

Do you think people holding Asa’s will swap back to Algo, driving the price up.
View Poll
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2022.01.18 06:40 THESTAFoNSKI they STOLE from us! that is our meme! our kuzanovi! they didnot even mention our based subreddit!

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2022.01.18 06:40 ProfessionalDust1276 Cock her

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2022.01.18 06:40 FlyingThunder2992 In the few games i played this set, i had TWO bugs that severely handicapped me so far. Just unlucky?

Bug nr. 1: I had two Lulus on my bench, apparently they merged to 3* without me noticing, but the lulus stayed on the bench visually (not clickable, the slots were free but i still saw two lulus there). I got a 5* unit i was looking for in my shop and spent all my remaining gold for the next level up, going down on 1 gold but because i had two lulus on my bench i thought i can buy it. I couldnt and lost the next fight.
Bug nr. 2: I was making BB+MRLs TF for early game stomping. got my blue buff, already had a rod on him, just need a belt. i drop a belt and another rod from pve. i drag the belt (or so i thought) on him, and suddenly he has a deathcap. The belt and the rod i dropped both landed in the same spot on top of each other, but i could only saw the belt. Luckily still won though....
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2022.01.18 06:40 pocable70 I hate when doctors ask personal questions to make small talks

I understand they wanna make me more comfortable but i feel like when they dont get the right answers it ruins the vibe instead of cheering it.
"So are you going to college ?"
"Why not ? all the kids your age do."
"Do like your job ?"
dude you are a dentist not a therapist.
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