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2022.01.18 07:47 sosexysex HOT KATE

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2022.01.18 07:47 vmax77 My wife made video of her Journal Setup for 2022

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2022.01.18 07:47 Pingujp Of course, we are looking at her face...

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2022.01.18 07:47 atomic-death-ray haha yes cuz kite string cut spidermans webs haha funny get it?

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2022.01.18 07:47 Feisty-Koala If you could try any fruit from around the world what would it be?

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2022.01.18 07:47 JoshWalker24 I have a spare corsair fan that cyberpower didn’t install when I purchased the PC. Can it be fitted in the bottom of my tower?

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2022.01.18 07:47 YaBoiPotatoDestroyer Thank you LIMC, you seem chill

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2022.01.18 07:47 The-Cydonian Ramblers’ 5-pointer - anyone else bothered by this?

Anybody else think it was a little weird that the Ramblers’ sequence where they guessed Suleiman the Magnificent was oddly easy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sequence question where there are basically written instructions on how to guess the fourth clue.
If it had started with “Ivan IV of Russia” and they’d managed to extrapolate the rest from there I would have been impressed, but the question literally said “rank them in order”.
Idk, am I being pedantic? Or was that question made too easy for them?
It’s not like they needed much help! They smashed it in the 3rd place playoff.
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2022.01.18 07:47 Eve_Morana Ash mollies KJ

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2022.01.18 07:47 bff124 Are these acceptable shoes for work?

These New balances look comfortable and are leather, but they are on the athletic side and have a yellow branding on the tongue, are these allowed for work?
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2022.01.18 07:47 elculobandido First time I've used primer on minis and the base coat scratches off way too easily

I primed some models with Badger Stynlrez grey primer using an airbrush. I waited maybe 45 minutes max and then thinned down some opaque black Createx paint with airbrush flow improver and airbrush thinner liquids. I got it to somewhere around the consistency of skim milk and airbrushed it on the minis without a problem. It dried with a really glossy finish. The problem is that it scratches off way, way too easily. If I barely scrape a fingernail on a model the black layer will come off. I tested the grey primer layer and it stays on.
I read somewhere that I may not have waited long enough after priming to apply the base coat. Next time I'll wait at least 4 hours or maybe even overnight. I'm about to go to sleep and see if the black paint somehow cures overnight so that it doesn't scrape off so easily (I'm a noob so excuse me if this sounds stupid).
Anyway, I'd really appreciate any feedback or advice on what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it. I'm pretty new to the hobby and have been studying it relentlessly on youtube and google. I figured I was making a pro move by using a primer since I hadn't done it before.
None of the figurines that I painted without primer have this issue so I'm really at a loss of what to do.
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2022.01.18 07:47 lss_mobile_mod_08 sfsdf

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2022.01.18 07:47 ViratBhai18_ Dude was shook

Check out this #chess game: shah7327 vs ViratBhai18 - https://chess.com/live/game/36241213431
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2022.01.18 07:47 MentalTest2 Karma for Karma

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2022.01.18 07:47 Krrikmoth Anyone wanna be friends and play picopark

I really like the game but i dont have a play group ):
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2022.01.18 07:47 ItsMePab NLD Postponement Date Speculation.

I realise this is basically impossible to call at this point but I'm curious, when do you all think the NLD will be replayed?
We already have a tonne of games to catch up on and there aren't too many free weekends in the season. Do you think it could be scheduled for a weekday?
I was thinking, surely the likes of Sky wouldn't be too happy with such a big game being played in anything but a prime time, Saturday or Sunday slot.
Can't believe the scum got away with causing this mess for no good reason.
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2022.01.18 07:47 DarkCharizard81 Time was never on my side and now I wait my whole lifetime

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2022.01.18 07:47 DacoMaximus I think I have figured out The Great Reset at a moderate level, and how it ties into Covid, vaccines, Trump, Health institutions, and elected politicians globally. Hear me out conspiracy family

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2022.01.18 07:47 SignificantLeg321 My new one 🍾🤎

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2022.01.18 07:47 rag-mag-950 There Are 40 Million Slaves in the World and Most Are Women

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2022.01.18 07:47 Devanand100 How different hand placement in push ups affect muscle activation explained

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2022.01.18 07:47 enrosanalle I just woke up from a dream

Silver shoot up to 48 overnight and i remember that i got anxious to buy more😅
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2022.01.18 07:47 ebalonabol Offering: Russian Seeking: English, Japanese

Hey everyone. I'm a native Russian speaker [22M]. Looking for someone to practice my English or Japanese with. In return, I can help you with Russian. I'm quite comfortable with my English but I have a load of questions I've always wanted to ask a native speaker. My Japanese isn't as good, so I need a lot of practice. My level should be around JLPT N4, I believe.
We may text in both English and Russian. As for Japanese, I'm not sure if I can hold a conversation in it, so conversing in English would still be preferable.
I am interested in many topics, such as movies, video games, music, cooking, drawing, reading.
I'm available at Discord and Telegram. Feel free to dm me if you're interested.
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2022.01.18 07:47 AffectionatePanic_ Brown spots on Karoo Roses

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2022.01.18 07:47 The-Unseelie-Queen I feel a spiritual disconnect— like I am a tourist in this physical place

I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences or insight onto this. Ever since I was a child I communed with the spirits around me. They offer good advice and someone to talk to when I’m in need. This is great, but I find myself being more at peace and place with them than I do with like 90% of the physical existence.
I’m not depressed or wanting to leave this life, I just can’t help but feel like I’m disconnected from normal physical stuff and that my ‘home’ is not quite here. I tried communing and asking different spirits but have come up with inconclusive or wild answers.
It’s not distressing, just odd. Has anyone else felt this weird feeling before? Have you gotten any answers?
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