Funny unintended result from removing dislikes

2021.12.05 12:20 Waffles38 Funny unintended result from removing dislikes

I am guessing most of you had already heard of the extensions and apps that bring dislikes back. Not sure if you also heard that it will work without youtube's api soon in the future
You ever thought about the channels that intentionally disabled dislikes? Isn't it so funny that now everyone will be able to see their dislikes regardless of whether those channels want others to see them or not? It's very funny, it literally doesn't benefit anyone and it fails at doing what's intended, it backfired, if anything it's now way worse for youtube.
I can already see the extensions becoming popular and youtubers using it on their videos to call out companies and content creators.
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2021.12.05 12:20 animemedad Halo Infinite w/Jacob, Petah, Arty

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2021.12.05 12:20 F34rless17 Suicide

Should I kill myself? No point in living.
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2021.12.05 12:20 UnlikelyAd9769 Why not seeing Ultra frame rate on Mi 11i ?

Hi, Im using a Xiaomi Mi 11i. it has a Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 120Hz Display. but I don't see the "Ultra (MP only)" option in frame rate options. what should I do ? Poco X3 Pro with Snapdragon 860 or even Xiaomi Mi 11 have this option. (My MIUI is 12.0.1 Global version)
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2021.12.05 12:20 Hillorut Ramazan adıyaman

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2021.12.05 12:20 heyheoy We are back into Febraury BTC prices, in this time lot of people got rekt with NFT, dogs and (3, 3) mania. Did you?? How are you today vs Febraury?

Lot of months passsed and we are back into Febraury 2021 BTC levels, in all these months lot of new people enter the space, mostly with the Doge and Elon mania. The Wall street bet craziness with hundreds of shitcoins pump and dumps groups, then the 2 months of NFTs craziness, now with the (3, 3) farming ending, and tomorrow who knows??
In my case i didnt participated in the x10000000 new Dogs coins craziness. I jumped in the last period of the NFTs season, i tried to get whitelisted in every project i saw and sell those NFTs fast, i took some good profits in here doing this, but i also kept a couple of NFTs that im still im in profit with them but i missed great gains not selling them on time. Probably one of my biggest regrets!!! I jumped in this new (3, 3) farming in the last period, luckily i exit in 1:1 without losses but im seeing lot of people being burned. Overall it was a good year in my case, im higher than in Febraury, but i seen lot of people following imposible targets, trying to get the next cryptopunks or bored apes, the new dogecoin or shibainu, losing LOT of money in the process!! What about you?
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2021.12.05 12:20 OPCMG [FREE] Money Man Type Beat | Free Nav x Gunna Type Beat 2022 "Za"

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2021.12.05 12:20 Hellfritz_Malte #Hausaufgabe

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2021.12.05 12:20 oNightt Great Pyrenees beagle mix

So i just reserved a great pyrenees beagle mix puppy and im supposed to go and pick him up in about two weeks so hes going to be about two months old and its going to be my first time owning a dog is this mix breed of dog good for first time owners?
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2021.12.05 12:20 Dw0 fahrschulen

any suggestions for a driving school for a ... a-little-older-than-what-i-think-is-their-usual-student human? preferences on the end-to-end package and some time restrictions.
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2021.12.05 12:20 thelostcraft Is the Rohan stronghold a webstore exclusive? Or will 3rd party retailers offer at a discount?

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2021.12.05 12:20 Quebra_Bilhas Legendary lords comparison missing?

So, i've just scoured Legend of Total War's channel for his comparison on Legendary Lords for the Vampires and for Tomb Kings and i couldn't find it anywhere. I'm almost sure he made at least the tomb kings video. Was the video taken down? Am i blind? I was curious about his rating, i'm pretty sure i remember him rating Arkhan as a 7/10 lord and i really want to rewatch the video. If someone has a clue or a link, i would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.05 12:20 No_Value_1511 OC

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2021.12.05 12:20 SVassiliou Ninjago anime opening

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2021.12.05 12:20 Mavericks357 Salle archi pleine à Villepinte, c'est déjà un succès.

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2021.12.05 12:20 Arnadus ⚠[PORTO] ⬆ FC Porto Fan Token +8.93% in 10 minutes.+44.26% in 24 hours . Volume +12.74% in 10 minutes

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2021.12.05 12:20 NeverBeenToMontreal Should I bother sorting through my collection?

First off, sorry if you get this question a lot.
In a fit of clearing dealing with the stuff in my basement, I've decided to get into my box of baseball cards that I haven't looked at in probably 20+ years. There were pages and pages of stuff that I haven't even looked at yet. These seem like they've been moderately protected which I'll take a better look at later.
And then there was just a box of unsorted mess. These are mostly common cards from mostly Topps mid-'80s to early-'90s. They're not in great condition (obviously, the "just throw it in a box and let my future self deal with it" method has its shortcomings).
I've gone through it and I haven't found any unexpected "treasures," and I was thinking about my next steps in organizing this mess. Should I even bother? What could I even do with a box full of old commons in meh condition?
Any advice? Suggestions?
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2021.12.05 12:20 orangejuiceisthebest In your opinion, what are brands have best quality of sunglasses? All i need in the sunglasses is to be 1- Black 2- never get old 3- live longer than the other. I would wear them every day.

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2021.12.05 12:19 South_Associate_5358 my mom is threatening me what are my options??

well it was a simple threat today but knowing how fucked up her mental condition is she will probably continue to do so. before this she tried manipulation and drama but it didn't work. my mistake? trying to make positive changes in my life ( like fixing my digit ). i don't know whats wrong with that. my dad loves her too much and will not help me.
do i have any options according to the law or something i mean im still 17 idk I would move out if I had a job or something
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2021.12.05 12:19 ZoobBot 190689

This is the 190689th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.05 12:19 qotsahead46664 Let's trade/jerk to Destiny Noel together

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2021.12.05 12:19 Awkward-Protection53 I’m looking for active members to join my crew. If you need that trophy let’s get it together.

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2021.12.05 12:19 TargetDue2827 Rossi djing during the after party while wearing a Pink Floyd shirt

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2021.12.05 12:19 Sure-Ad-7428 Love sky force reloaded and 2014 is hard stage 3 insane

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2021.12.05 12:19 ArcticoGame After many years my game Arctico is finally releasing in February 2022

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