House Watercolor Original Painting, Available in my Etsy shop. Can you find a house hiding behind the trees?

2021.12.05 11:11 Tanbelia House Watercolor Original Painting, Available in my Etsy shop. Can you find a house hiding behind the trees?

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2021.12.05 11:11 AVLLaw Buncombe man accused of 2nd Murder in fentanyl OD Case.

NCGS § 14-17 (b)(2) gives the State the option to charge 2nd degree murder to the drug seller in cases where someone dies from an overdose of opiates or methamphetamine. This law should be judiciously applied. I want to be your new District Attorney, and here's what I think.
The unintended consequences of using this law means that everyone in the community who uses controlled substances is worried about calling 911 when there is an overdose because if the person dies, whomever provided the drugs in not potentially a murderer. That flies in the face of the NCGS 90-96.2 the "Good Samaritan" law passed years ago that allows people using controlled substances call for emergency services to save lives, and avoid arrest for personal use possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. But the immunity doesn't cover other crimes, like 2nd murder, so if you call 911 for help, and someone dies, you may become an a accused murderer.
The legislature is whip-sawing the public in it's approach to drug enforcement in NC. This overdose murder law causes injustice. I personally know family members of "victims" of this law who have pleaded with the District Attorney's Office for mercy for the accused, only to be ignored because they don't support 2nd degree murder charges for what is essentially negligence.
The truth is that drug users and drug sellers are often the same people. Many drug users sell drugs to support their own habit, not as part of a large commercial enterprise. Many drug users sell to their friends. Nobody wants their friends or customers to die. That doesn't make any sense. These are almost entirely unintended deaths.
The District Attorney has the discretion and the duty to apply this law under the appropriate facts, and to not apply it under the appropriate facts. That takes love and courage. Love for trying to help people should guide the decision, and it will take courage if that decision is unpopular. It should not be applied to every case. I think some of the facts that should be considered is the intent of the "seller" and the relationship between the "victim" and the "suspect". I think great weight should be given the family of the "victim" but that ultimately, the District Attorney is ethically bound to seek justice. "Justice" is not defined by statute. The District Attorney has to try and find it in each case, depending on the facts of each case. That's incredibly difficult, but that's the job. Strictly enforcing drug laws that have a disparate impact on Black and Brown people, and that make people in the drug community terrified of asking for help is horrible for our community. It makes things worse, not better. Controlled substance addiction is a medical problem that should have medical solutions. That doesn't change when someone overdoses and dies because their drugs were unknowingly contaminated with fentanyl.
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2021.12.05 11:11 RussCox-Books Printing from the Page Manager window

Hello, I would like to print from the Page Manager window. What I want to do is print 4 to 6 spreads per sheet of paper so I can view several at once while I work on the wording. It would be like printing the pages as small storyboards. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.05 11:11 vladimirstanis 28,000,000

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2021.12.05 11:11 velatorio The payload seems sufficient though

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2021.12.05 11:11 Suitable-Initial2250 French is sus

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2021.12.05 11:11 Slipnnn Looking for manager

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2021.12.05 11:11 QuestionsQuestions2o A big list of oolong vendors

I wanted to make a list of oolong vendors so that if anyone ever searches this sub for it they can find a list with a lot of options. I'll update it as I find more. This originally came from a post i made asking about which type of oolong was everyones' favorite, but I think I should make a separate post about it since if someone searches "oolong vendor" in the sub my other comment might not come up very readily. Feel free to comment if I can improve this list / if i forgot one of your favorites!
Floating Leaves (Taiwanese)
Mountain Stream teas (Taiwanese)
One river tea (Dancongs, havent bought from them yet but i plan to)*
Yunnan Sourcing
Bitterleaf teas (dancongs)
Wu yi origin (Wu yi, they sell dancongs too)*
Old ways tea (Wu Yi)
What-cha tea
Red blossom tea company (all Chinese oolongs)*
Hatvala Vietnamese oolongs
Tea Source*
Lazy Cat Tea (wu yi) *
Tea Habitat (dancong) *
Seven Cups (Wu yi, Anxi, and dancong)*
White2Tea (Wu yi, Anxi, and dancong)*
Eco-Cha (Taiwanese)*
Taiwan Tea Crafts *
Taiwan Sourcing *
Qi fine teas (dancong)*
Tillerman Tea (Taiwanese)*
*= I haven't tried it personally, just read something positive about it on this sub
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2021.12.05 11:11 Tanbelia House Watercolor Original Painting, Available in my Etsy shop. Can you find a house hiding behind the trees?

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2021.12.05 11:11 reclaimed_souls How to price Depop items

Depop Seller Advice – Tips & Tricks.
/9. Pricing
Research Consider the price of comps and similar items. Search other active Depop listings, use Google and other seller platforms. Using eBay sold searches is extremely helpful as this (should) show what items are actually being sold for rather than just what prices others are listed at.
Using reverse image search / Google lense can be so helpful for vintage items. This can assist you with tag identification on less recognised items or even just to see if it's sold on Shein lol.
If you still can't find any information on your in particular item try reaching out to a specific sub for that item... you should probably at least attempt this before posting for pricing advice in this sub lol
Competition Pricing your items competitively makes sense, especially if you want a quick sale! You could consider pricing your item lower than the current lowest available item online. If buyers are searching lowest - highest, yours will appear higher in search results.
But keep in mind that pricing too low can actually deter buyers as it can seem 'too good to be true' / a possible scam.
Basically, for a quick sale, you'll aim to price a bit lower than average comps and if you're willing to wait it out for the right buyer or leave room for negotiation, you can set a higher price.
Expenses Initial item cost — what you paid for the item originally, including postage if applicable.
Sourcing — if you didn't purchase online, maybe it cost you a lot in fuel to travel to your supplier or thrift store. This would include sourcing materials and tools for handmade items too.
Time — everything takes time, right!? Determine how much YOUR time is worth. How many hours each week are spent sourcing, creating, curating, cleaning, packaging and listing? If you have an idea of your time spent, you could consider an 'hourly rate' of sorts.
Labour — Is YOUR effort worth something? Labour charge is definitely relevant, especially for handmade / reworked gear but sourcing also involves time, effort and expertise!
I think this is SO important for handmade goods. Maybe when you start out selling handmade items you keep your costs low (enough to cover your expenses), but as your store gets more recognition, item quality improves and your skills increase, shouldn't your price also increase?
Fees — Do not forget the fees associated with the platform or payment methods you are using. Depop and PayPal fees will be covered in depth on a future post. For now, let's say fees are approximately 14% in total (it's safer to round up lol). Make sure to add 14% to whatever price you decide on to account for your selling fees.
Condition The condition of your item is extremely important when deciding how to price it. If the researched comps are all Brand New With Tags and yours is Pre-Owned with even slight wear, you can't expect to receive close to the same price.
Condition is definitely something to consider when sourcing. Some items just aren't worth the time and materials to mend / rework before it's in sellable condition. So when you're selling something pre-owned that needs love and attention, (and you're not going to do this yourself) price it with this in mind.
Some sellers consider RRP as a reference and deduct a % of that price to reflect condition.
Quality The quality of your item is going to be particularly important when there's no comps or anything similar online to compare to. Asses the quality of material used and the craftsmanship (eg. Stitching, lining).
Popularity If relevant to your item, asses the current 'hype'. The value of in trend items can increase depending on factors such as style, brand and rarity.
If your item is deadstock, discontinued or vintage you could consider this when pricing.
Brand The particular brand of an item can definitely contribute to value but just because a partial brand is popular doesn't mean your specific item is and this is why research is so important. It could be the model, style or a exclusive release from that brand that makes an item desirable.
Do not sell fakes / replicas / counterfeit / dupes! "Price reflects authenticity" will not save you from an item significantly not as described claim. Please be careful when pricing (and describing) high end brands. The morality is debatable but it's Depop against policy so it's always best to have a certificate of authenticity for high value items as it can be risky to sell these online – it can cost you money and your account.
Postage You need to decide if your postage costs (shipping / packaging / handling) are going separate charge to buyers. Or is this going be included in the item price and you offer "free shipping" to your buyers?
Either way, this does need to be considered when pricing your items, however, we will cover the topic of Postage in depth on a future post.
If your item is not easily accessible online, then the fact that you offer postage can be considered added value. This is notable on certain brands or vintage items that aren't readily available globally. If a buyer has no local options available, it's likely they will be willing to pay international shipping costs for a rare item.
Tax Selling on Depop, as with any other online selling, can be classed as a profit-making business by HMRC. ... If you're buying or making clothes/products for selling on Depop, for example, you'll probably have to pay tax on this. If you're selling old clothes, comparatively, it's likely you won't owe tax.
There's a few factors that determine if you are required to pay income tax on your sales. Are you a business? Do you have a brand name? Are you structured as a business with the intent to make profit? Do you advertise your shop? Do you make regular / repeated sales? Is your yearly income greater than the tax free threshold?
Or are you just reselling (eg. used clothing) for less than you paid? In which case you may not be required to pay tax.
Tax requirements vary depending on location so please do your own research on this and refer to your applicable governmental organization for the most accurate information.
If you are required by law to pay sales tax on your Depop earnings then you should definitely factor this in when pricing your items.
Extras / Business Expenses Here's some other possible expenses to consider especially of you are operating as a business or heading in that direction.
Advertising / marketing: do you pay for shop or product promotion? *Storage / Rentals: do you pay for a storage unit or office space? Maintenance / repair costs: this could include anything you need maintained to continue selling, for example, a smart phone, PC, printer, camera etc. *Utility expenses: internet, electricity, washing services / water usage. Subscriptions: crosslisting apps, business postage accounts, phone plan, photo editing software / application etc. *Employees: do you pay a model or have anyone else working with you? *Loss: returns, scams, return postage costs, lost parcels and partial refunds. Although you can definitely limit the occurrence of these, it's not always forseeable or within the control of a seller so this needs to be considered for regular / full time sellers.
Strategy There's sellers on Depop here for different reasons so there's no one-size-fits-all pricing method. If you're just reselling old clothes that no longer fit or just aren't your style then maybe you're just looking to recoup some of your costs (not profit) but even in this case, you still do need to consider your expenses (especially shipping and fees) as a miscalculation could actually lose you money. Plus there's always the risk of possibly returns, refunds and missing parcels.
Due to high shipping costs in some countries (screams in CAD lol), it's not always worth it for the seller or buyer to deal with certain low value items. This is where pre-made bundles or lots can be effective!
Like most things, there's going to be room for improvement or adjustments. If you're looking to make a profit on your items and are realising there's a lot more costs / expenses than you originally prepared for you may need to re-think your selling strategy. This may involve finding cheaper packaging and postage services, increasing your prices or having to completely re-evaluate the items you stock I future.
Summary There are many factors to consider when pricing your items, the obvious expenses as well as the not so obvious costs such as time. There is no 'correct'/ 'best' way to decide on your pricing but you can create your own equation.
Remember at the end of the day, how YOU price YOUR items is completely YOUR choice.
There's different moral values when it comes to reselling so you do just need to make your own decision and price items in a way that you are comfortable with.
As long as sellers are not misleading buyers or being dishonest, a seemingly 'high' price shouldn't really concern anyone and if it is in fact too high, then it won't sell anyway lol
This is post 9 of an ongoing series – Depop Seller Guide Tips & Tricks.
Please notify me of any inaccurate / outdated information – I will update accordingly. Feel free to add any relevant information, links and discuss in the comments.
Discussion: [examples]
How do you price your items?
How much is your cheapest and most expensive item currently available in your store?
Do you have a set profit margin for your items?
Please share any pricing tips you have!
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2021.12.05 11:11 Gomlcakes What are you getting your spouse for Christmas?

If you think I'm asking this as Christmas is fastly approaching and I don't have a clue what to get them then yes you'd be completely correct.
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2021.12.05 11:11 Real_Dafaq_brah #380) 3rd December.

Woke up at 8, filled the tank, slept. Again woke up at around 11 when krishan bhai knocked on the door. Choti didi also came with him. Then we had tea talked for a while, then krishan bhai left for his office, we hanged out (me, ankit, choti didi, vansh) for some time, talked about the wedding, and didi's school. Then didi and vansh left for their home at around 1, and for last 2 days we've not had sun. Today was no exception. After didi left, me and ankit went to the market to pickup the dress that i gave to the tailor a couple of days ago. Had coconut water on the way. Then went to the gym, came back, had dinner, then took shower and then studied for a while and slept.
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2021.12.05 11:11 Ok_Independent_4211 This is 100% true cfvi 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2021.12.05 11:11 ReasonableHand9504 LF:Ha corphish with aqua jet FT:shiny charizard, shiny grotle, scizor

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2021.12.05 11:11 Zook024 Selling 2 tickets to Portland 12/08

Won't be able to make the show, able to transfer via Ticketmaster.
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2021.12.05 11:11 rubes___ Chelsea W [1] - 0 Arsenal W - Fran Kirby 3’

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2021.12.05 11:11 LiterallyonlyMe So the Official Omnitrix can be hacked. Interesting…

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2021.12.05 11:11 SafemoonXLM Bitmart

Since many didn’t believe me yesterday, at this point, fuck it. I’ll be posting a screenshot of my holdings on Bitmart. Yes, I shouldn’t have had so much on an exchange. But hear me out. Of course I know it was only a 1M Safemoon fee to transfer out. However, it’s a 10% fee to transfer out of trustwallet/sfm wallet back to an exchange. If I wanted to sell, I wouldn’t do it on trustwallet. The slippage/fees are absurd. Also, the price is usually higher on Bitmart. Additionally, I’ve seen many stories of user’s trust wallets being compromised, so I didn’t feel comfortable holding there. The Safemoon wallet is a relatively new product and I didn’t yet feel comfortable holding there either. I was going to transfer once we had some time and testing established with V2. Honestly, I thought Bitmart was the safest place considering the overall volume they handle and being a large established exchange. Hopefully, they make this right. If not, a whale is dead and good luck to everyone.
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2021.12.05 11:11 h4m33dov1p Found 2 stray floofs sitting on my friend's car!

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2021.12.05 11:11 Efficient-Growth-877 WTS 10/17 NECRO TORCH

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2021.12.05 11:11 xDRIFTWOOD Inside Edition tries to blame video games on the recent New Oxford school shooting, incorrectly attributing the famous J. Robert Oppenheimer quote to Fallout 4

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2021.12.05 11:11 BrasilOnReddit [r/worldnews] Brazilian Supreme Court orders probe into Bolsonaro for linking COVID-19 vaccines to AIDS

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2021.12.05 11:11 nanyoida The adventures of the Shuriken fleet

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2021.12.05 11:11 hiduphidup A potassium a day...

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2021.12.05 11:11 Lottabirdies Is running more about falling forward, pushing off the ground, or an equal combination of both?

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