Selling Two Floor tickets to TD Garden 10/23

2021.10.20 21:58 _OhHeyItsMK_ Selling Two Floor tickets to TD Garden 10/23

$100 each ticket!
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2021.10.20 21:58 ColonelMarch Replacing Sprint antennas and equipment in Cleveland, TN

T-Mobile is replacing all Sprint Nokia antennas with Ericsson antennas in Cleveland TN. Photo #1 is at Ocoee and 25th St today. Photo #2 is Stuart Rd at Lee a couple of days ago, they were hooking up the wiring today. Photo #3 is what the tower at Stuart Rd at Lee looked like a couple of months ago.
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2021.10.20 21:58 BlankVerse DeSantis pushes back against federal effort to combat threats against school officials, staff

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2021.10.20 21:58 TDlickerss M/22/6’0” [170ish to 210lbs] (6 years) - Natural

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2021.10.20 21:58 ZoolShop Insurance Stocks Moving In Wednesday's Intraday Session - Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Common Stock (BHF), Conifer Holdings (CNFR), eHealth (EHTH), Mbia (MBI), Maiden Holdings, Ltd. 6.625% Notes due 2046 (MHLA), Unico American (UNAM)

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2021.10.20 21:57 queeriousbetsy Medications I should look into/avoid

I recently was able to get an appointment set up at an informed consent clinic to get medication and I'm wondering if any of y'all have any advice for what medications I should either avoid or try and get?
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2021.10.20 21:57 Alexexec White Supra

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2021.10.20 21:57 proggynat Jane Addams / 1911

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2021.10.20 21:57 Darko212097 Hang tight 💎🍀🤲🏽

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2021.10.20 21:57 Rodentofchaos2 Customers say im uncomfortable

Uber say Customer feel uncomfortable around me even though alot Customers do feel comfortable I usually say hey how your day going and say my name usually I really don't get into there business unless they make first move I have awkward personality could that make them uncomfortable because uber threatening to fire me
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2021.10.20 21:57 autismhero2 help

hello i might need dental work soon the place i go uses liquid versed a syrup i drink and the laughing gas which will smell like bubble gum and they use a blue papoose board with a head immobilizer, pulse thing on my toe, the work i might need is fillings crowns deep cleaning sealants, the place as that you wear pajamas or comfy clothes, they ask that a pullup or diaper is worn too not required bit recommenced they allow stuffed animals too the visit would take 4 hours i do have autism and special needs the place is pediatric dental place any support helps
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2021.10.20 21:57 Wnterart439 Algo sobre danzas

Hola, alguien conoce algún lugar o a alguien que enseñe marinera norteña en lima? o grupos donde se reunen para bailar tipo esos grupos de kpop. espero puedan ayudarme
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2021.10.20 21:57 Outrageous-Cobbler15 Career Fair Attire

What would you guys wear to a teacher specific career fair? Like examples not just business casual nonsense lol
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2021.10.20 21:57 JazzzzzzySax The duality of man

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2021.10.20 21:57 Ginger_Yinzer We all love this right?

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2021.10.20 21:57 ReptarZillaPirate Staring down the barrel of a long cold winter with a nag of a wife was gonna be rough on our green friend

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2021.10.20 21:57 just_cool_studio Did a quick queen album cover and back!

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2021.10.20 21:57 blackedoutlt1 B4B Friend List Issue - PS5

Has anyone else had issues with friends showing up on the 'PlayStation Network Friends' list? I've had multiple friends on PS5 not showing up as online (they don't have it set to show offline). They could see me as online though.
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2021.10.20 21:57 LongJonSiIver Did Persona 5 Royal for Nintendo Switch and PC Just Leak?

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2021.10.20 21:57 Power7779 Darkness End | 3,306 words

Hello, Reddit! I am writing a book called Darkness End.
Here is the first chapter:
Word count: 3,306
The first chapter is designed so that it is more or less self contained. It is about a group of people enjoying life on a magical island. One of the characters have only recently arrived to the island, and is clueless. The rest of the character have more experience in magic and fighting. All is well, until a wounded soldier comes and tells them that the enemies are gathering to the enemy capital.
I want critiques on the overall clarity of the story. Multiple people I heard from said it was too convoluted. I fixed it by adding some exposition to explain the character's backstories. But, now I am too worried if there is too much exposition.
Thanks in advanced
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2021.10.20 21:57 toko_tane Lagtime Record / Yunosuke feat. KAFU x flower

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2021.10.20 21:57 commentHero Pick 1 RB

10 Team Half PPR
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2021.10.20 21:57 Calm-Savings7653 Second image of Area51 remake

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2021.10.20 21:57 coltonmusic15 I haven’t found much of the Celebrations set but still have my cards from when I was a kid to keep me warm at night

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2021.10.20 21:57 Substantial-Ant-267 How many people have completed the National Dex

How many people do you think have completed the National Living Dex (not counting timed - event Pokemon like Marshadow) in Pokemon legitimately. My guess would be maybe around 5k at most but I might be completely wrong. I have currently been playing some of the games for around 300 hours and only have about roughly 520/900.
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