Giving away genshin account.

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2021.10.20 22:40 wtfbrbttyl Giving away genshin account.

Hello everyone. I have 2 genshin accounts. I made a second one because I got bored. I completed everything on the first. I am giving away my 2nd account bc I am tired of how much time I am spending on Genshin. It is AR35. I only used the beginner wishes and about 40 wishes on the standard banner. I basically was going to self destruct the account and use all my wishes but then I got Mona (one of my favs that I dont have on my main) so I played for a few more weeks (i considered giving up my main account and starting over with this one since I got mona and would eventually get hu tao but now Mona isnt even worth the extra time I am spending on Genshin. I have about 75 wishes I was saving for the Hu Tao banner but you can do whatever you want with them. There is a ton of play left on this account because I only did the stories I had to do bc I wanted to do the merriment event when it was available. A ton of treasure still to find and almost all of the world quests. Mondstadt and Liyue are pretty much untouched as far as exploring goes. Inazuma was just unlocked havent done anything really as far as quests go.. You can DM here and Ill give you the login info and email attached to the account so you can change the password and all of that stuff.
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2021.10.20 22:40 kcams42 Mental Illness and Recovery

Why is it that mental illness is considered an outside issue when addiction itself is an obsessive-compulsive disorder? When I try to talk about how it affects me in meetings because it is tied directly to my using people look at me like I am crazy? I understand treatment for the said issue is an outside issue but what about everything else that goes along with it? Maybe I am just overthinking it. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am just hella lost right now.
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2021.10.20 22:40 ClocksMcgee Thoughts on reserve firefighter positions?

Hey folks, been looking into reserve firefighter opportunities. I plan on going to paramedic school, then fire academy, then start looking for fire paramedic jobs. I've been advised that finding a fire job as a medic is pretty easy.
But I've been looking into reserve firefighting and I wanted to know y'alls thoughts on it. It seems like a pretty big time commitment (2 unpaid 24 hour shifts per month) for not much benefit other than networking and getting fire experience. Which, back to what I've been told, doesn't seem necessary to do if you're a medic, and I could spend those hours towards EMT time for medic school.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
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2021.10.20 22:40 yavoqctjeriuy Dog saved from Ocean

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2021.10.20 22:40 Benlitzen43 [USA-PA] [H] Lenovo Legion Y545 Laptop with 1660 ti and i7-9750H [W] PayPal, Cash

Local is 16801 or 15228 (if I travel home for a weekend)
Asking price is $600
Specs: 1080p screen with 144 hz, 1660 ti with a i7-9750H and 16 GB of RAM with a 512 GB SSD
I am selling my girlfriend's laptop, as she got a new laptop. She has had it about 6 months and bought it off a previous redditor. Price is neogiatable.
Let me know if you have any questions!
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2021.10.20 22:40 Taktikal916 PVP for all LVLS Multiple lvl queues #ENABLEOUTPOSTRUSH (if thats what its called cant remember)

Outpost rush should be queueable for everyone based on 9 lvl increments Outpost rush for 1-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 and then 60. Alot of players complain they cant get into pvp wars because of companys not taking them or whatever other reasons. Make them like battlegrounds but i dare not call it that for fear of being to WOW ish. This would be a fun way for all to be involved in fun pvp. ALSO OPEN FUCKING OUTPOST RUSH FOR US. I am lvl 60 and already in a big company so I get to participate in all the wars but doesn't mean i don't feel for you soloes.
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2021.10.20 22:40 MihailosVB Straight up windows 7

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2021.10.20 22:40 Pharah_is_my_waIfu [143/30] Posting a Wynncraft meme every day in my birth month challenge (CXLIII) - Cowfusion

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2021.10.20 22:40 YtBootyGames_18plus Thicc compilation (several seats)

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2021.10.20 22:40 Justanotherguy_1244 Hi, my first day on Reddit. Do u want to chat to improve your language skills?

Hi, this is my first day and I’ve created this account mainly to chat. I can speak English, Spanish, French and German, so if you want to speak about anything interesting you can DM me
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2021.10.20 22:40 robert_cortese California Man Convicted of Murdering Estranged Wife While She Shielded Their Three Children from Gunfire - Law & Crime

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2021.10.20 22:40 Dark_Lupus Creepypasta:It Lived Inside My Arm

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2021.10.20 22:40 thecircularblue problems

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2021.10.20 22:40 Infamous_Stress_3572 🤖 CYBR 🤖| $(753,592.00) Million Market Cap | $(241,793.05) Locked Liquidity | Latest Medium released!| NFTs Collection Underway | PDF & Web Update Coming | First token Burn conducted 🔥

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2021.10.20 22:40 89-30 Need some new shocks for the old girl, she’s a daily driver so I don’t want anything too stiff. Any ideas?

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2021.10.20 22:40 shaman369 You are amazing ...

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2021.10.20 22:40 zeca1486 Idc, I hope it’s a repost

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2021.10.20 22:40 lexi-alexi [Spoiler] Alien names...

Are we ever gonna have an alien species who's second syllable doesn't start with a k?
ah-KAI-ah zah-KEER duh-KOO-mah
Like... Come on...
Not bashing the series but some of the writing is very high school creative writing assignment.
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2021.10.20 22:40 ninja__77 help

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2021.10.20 22:40 Fettman Twitch's top streams for me. Pure Gold (im not even following most of them)

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2021.10.20 22:40 cryptictesticles UK and New Zealand strike free trade deal

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2021.10.20 22:40 elbiry Update on COVID vaccine refusal

Hello nannies,
I posted here a few months ago for advice on what to do with our nanny who was reluctant to get vaccinated against COVID. Many of you posted saying that we should make her an ultimatum - get vaccinated or there isn't a match here. Well, to my shame I didn't - she stonewalled successfully and I backed out in large part also because she's great in all other respects.
The inevitable has happened - she got COVID and passed it onto our two kids (both <1y), my partner and my mother-in-law (both of whom are fully vaccinated). She (our nanny) is back at work this week and she looks terrible - so thin and ill. My son has been very sick and my partner and I have had to be off work for a long time to take care of two sick needy babies.
I'm cursing myself for not taking your advice. To anyone who is on the fence, please please please get vaccinated
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2021.10.20 22:40 jrstar84 How do I clean this tight space?

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2021.10.20 22:40 master_meme_monk So I am a big geek for any technology from the 80's and Im wondering if I ever had the cash how could I get my hands an an showbiz pizza Billy bob animatronic?

Anyone have an answer
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2021.10.20 22:40 CatraPirovaHijueputa My wall

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