Valkyrie ETF approve! ZIL POPPING INCOMING 🚀

2021.10.20 23:36 Johndrc Valkyrie ETF approve! ZIL POPPING INCOMING 🚀

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2021.10.20 23:36 SwarleySwarlos symbol above knuckles - animated movie

can anyone tell me what those - above every finger meant? is it some kind of a gang?
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2021.10.20 23:36 TheGetUpKid24 Follow proto

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2021.10.20 23:36 One_Mission9632 Myabandzxxx

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2021.10.20 23:36 inmoon سریال شعله آتش شعله ور قسمت ۷۹

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2021.10.20 23:36 truegingfan when ur falling to the ground...

what do u pee? ur dreams are going down with penisality, u may try to stand up but u will soon realize your pee is gone
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2021.10.20 23:36 EmmaW17 Cold stone is GOATED

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2021.10.20 23:36 mothcloud Noise complaint?

What is the best way to file a noise complaint? The city website honestly isn’t helping much. Been dealing with a neighbor with boundary issues for the last year. I hate to be “that neighbor” but they are repeatedly disregarding the agreement we’ve made on them not holding band practice after 9pm.
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2021.10.20 23:36 Arbiter51x Question about RESP and Government Grant Contribution

I’ve recently opened up an RESP account for two kids, through TD Direct Investing, since my RRSP and TFSA are already setup ther e with web broker. My question is, when they set it up, they only created on account. They could really answer my question about how the account and government knows that it’s for two kids. I am ready to put the min of $2500 per kid ($5k total) to take advantage of the $500 per year grant, but how does the account or government know that it’s for two kids?
The TD sales person (I refuse to call them advisors) doesn’t deal with direct investing RESPs and couldn’t answer my question. Anyone else have experience in this? Thanks
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2021.10.20 23:36 straystring Car Detailer that doesn't suck? (Or who to avoid like the plague?)

Hi all, looking for recommendations on a decent car detailer that wont just scratch my car up - looked at some reviews for places like Star Wash etc. and quality seems pretty poor, hidden fees, dodgey service, etc.
Not too fussed about the insides, just want the paint cleaned well and protected - also a rogue gumtree dripped sap onto part of my car and ain't confident to remove that myself without ruining the paint.
Did a search and saw someone recommend Elite Finish but they're a litle TOO pricey.
Any advice on who to avoid like the plague would also be appreciated
Cheers in advance lads and ladies
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2021.10.20 23:36 PizzaPerson21 When you finally watch the whole squidgame series so you can watch any spoiler:

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2021.10.20 23:36 6122000 Happy Birthday Shammi Kapoor

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2021.10.20 23:36 Paneraiguy1 Trump announces plans to launch new social media platform called TRUTH Social in 2022

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2021.10.20 23:36 24hours_official Is the towers worth their price in shop?

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2021.10.20 23:36 inmoon سرنوشت مازیار خواننده قدیمی قبل از انقلاب چه شد بیوگرافی و علت فوت

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2021.10.20 23:36 The_Zoink Sorry guys. Batman has been defeated…

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2021.10.20 23:36 aReposter amogus nugget

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2021.10.20 23:36 Chopinfan1004 Do you believe it’s in the Giants best interest to lose the rest of the remaining games this season?

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2021.10.20 23:36 XsxxssxxccXCsioussx What reasons can you think of to explain why single women are statistically happier than married women and why women initiate divorce 70% of the time?

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2021.10.20 23:36 AnonymousFooI Any good show/movie recommendations?

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2021.10.20 23:36 Squirrelclamp Comic 4639B: Robosexual

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2021.10.20 23:36 MatiChupalo Level up gaia sodom or nekoluga?[CATS]

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2021.10.20 23:36 e-yang [Event] What have you done?!

Tenth Month of 132 AC, Highgarden
Alerie Many thoughts raced through her head as the Regent stormed through the halls of Highgarden, a contingent of men behind her, their iron boots booming against the marble floors. If what Greyjoy spoke of was true, her plans were in disarray, now--the Ironborn would surely see that the Reach was a threat, and turn their eyes Southward. The West was to be used as a buffer, keeping the hounds at bay, but that buffer was now breached, not by the Ironborn but from the inside. Her own vassals--how could she have been so blind? Fool. Her own thoughts mocked her, betrayed her trust, just as Hewett and Oakheart had. Did you really think the lords would obey your command? They pretend to, and they turn.
There remained the possibility that Greyjoy had lied, but for what? The Kraken gained naught from a false report, and he had seemed genuine about a truce, of sorts. And the news of her enforced peace would be a mystery to all but those in the Reach.
What was she to do? Alerie had considered ending their lines--appoint new Tyrells to serve as Lords of Oakenshield and Old Oak, kill the spares and be done with it. But such a practice was not of the Reach (they were not Ironborn), and the other lords would never stand by it, she knew. But to be forgiving… such was also not an option. It was treason she saw, and treason she would punish. If the summoned lords failed to convince her, explain to her, even beg, they would die today. Her resolve strengthened as the party approached the Justiciar’s chambers.
“Stay here. Wait for my command.” The men stopped out of sight; Alerie walked to Oakheart’s door, alone, and entered. It was a waiting game now, for Hewett.
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2021.10.20 23:36 Gnubay Ganymede By Correggio 1905 Mezzotint Art Print Doubleday Page FoundArtShopCom

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2021.10.20 23:36 Nick__________ Devastating US Sanctions Policies Need Accountability

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